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3 Features You Need on Your Business Mobile Plan

As a business owner or operator, you know how important communication is. Whether it’s between you and your colleagues, or your customers and your employees, trustworthy communication is the basis for every great business. And when it comes to business mobile plans, there are so many plans out there— how do you know which one to pick?

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This blog discusses 3 features you need on your business mobile plan and why you need them. For further information or to sign up to one of our business mobile plans, give us a call at Blackbox UC today.

1. Cross-Platform Billing

What Is It?

Cross-platform billing allows you to select the plan most appropriate for every individual in your team yet pay just one simple bill. Work out what your team needs, sign up, and all that’s left to do is pay one bill each month. No more complicated number crunching, or convoluted spreadsheets are required with cross-platform billing.

Why Do You Need It?

Not everybody on your team needs the same amount of coverage. When your team is spread across the city or even across the country, each individual’s mobile plan needs vary. For example, those working in the city don’t necessarily need the same amount of mobile data as those working remotely. Not every provider offers cross-platform billing, so it’s important to check. Blackbox UC does offer this feature so you can spend less time organising phone plans and payments and focus on what’s most important in your business.

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2. Fixed-Fee Costs

What Is It?

We’ve all likely experienced bill shock at one time or another, and it’s always an unpleasant surprise. Fixed-fee costs let you see upfront how much your bill will be each month, so you can plan and budget accordingly. With fixed-fee costs, bill shock will go the way of dial-up Internet and become yet another thing of the past.

It’s essential that you check for fixed-fee costs when selecting a new business mobile plan as not every provider offers this feature. Some that advertise seemingly low fees tend to have hidden fees that can pop up unpredictably, causing bill shock.

Why Do You Need It?

Unexpectedly high bills can cause a multitude of problems. It can disrupt your business’ budget and force you to borrow money from an important project to pay your mobile bill, meaning your project will have to wait another month— or even longer. The revenue you were expecting is now going to be delayed, which interrupts your cashflow.

In addition to eliminating bill shock, fixed-fee costs also reduce unexpected stress. When you’re expecting an average-sized bill and it shows up asking for a staggering amount, it can send you into a spin. If you can’t push back that project, where will you get the money from? Questions like these can keep you up all night and as a consequence, affect your work performance.

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3. Great Customer Support

What Is It?

If you’ve experienced great customer service, you’ll know how great it feels to be heard and understood. Great customer support is a professional and kind person on the other end of the line who answers your call quickly, determines the problem, and works efficiently to rectify it as soon as possible. It can be the highlight of your day when seemingly everything is going wrong, and at the height of your frustration, somebody gets it.

At Blackbox UC we have a team of expert customer service representatives who are business specialists, so you’re sure to receive industry-leading advice and support. With patience, knowledge, and professionalism, Blackbox UC customer support aims to assist you in as quick and friendly a manner as possible.

Why Do You Need It?

When your business experiences downtime or interruptions, it can greatly affect your bottom line. These interruptions can impact your daily business operations and overall performance, and play a part in how others see your business. When something goes wrong it can cause frustrations for both staff and customers, and can reduce professionalism with clients.

As we know, time is money. Efficient customer support cuts down on any disrupted time by solving your problem quickly, so that you can be back up and running as soon as possible. At Blackbox UC we pride ourselves on our customer support and service, with a team always ready to investigate and solve your problem. Knowing you have a team ready to support you can really make all the difference.

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