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5 Features to Look for in a Hosted Telephony Business Deal

Many of us are finding that our businesses are entering a new era – one where the flexibility to work from a multitude of locations and a total confidence in your cloud service provider is absolutely essential. So, as you begin to explore what telephony host is the right one to help your business transition into the new age of modern work life, it is vital that you do the research required. Finding the perfect deal that caters to your business can save you valuable money and ensure that you get yourself the best product on the market. 

Business Hosted Telephony

This blog includes our top tips for anyone looking into investing into a hosted telephony deal for their business. Read on to learn about the most important factors to consider as you research providers, and contact Blackbox today to speak with a telephony expert. 

  1. Flexibility and Scalability 

One of the most important things to consider when choosing your provider is whether the deal on offer is going to give you room to adapt. When it comes to the contract, you don’t want to find your business in something rigid. You want to avoid being in a position that gives you no flexibility to change or offers no adaptability should your situation change at all.  

Likewise, it’s important to remember how your business may change over time. Not just because the world is always changing around you and you need to be prepared to grow with it, but also because the goal of any business it’s to stay in the same position. As you grow, in terms of clients, employees, incoming business, and everything of the sort, you want your plan to be able to grow with you. Be thinking ahead to the future, and try to find a deal that is able to scale up and down with your organisation as may be required. 

The Blackbox UC Tip: Consider contracts very carefully and be mindful of staying as flexible as possible. 

  1. Integration 

A key question to ask potential providers is how well their product is able to integrate with existing platforms. Before you consider purchasing any new telephony system, it’s important to analyse your current platforms. What is essential for you to keep using, and what needs to be integrated into any new systems brought into your company. The last thing you need is to invest in a hosted telephony product, only to find out that it acts as a hindrance on your existing work operations.  

The Blackbox UC Tip: Think of your wider company throughout the entire process. 

  1. Costs: Start-Up and Ongoing 

When it comes to pricing, it isn’t as straightforward as that initial number you see attached to a deal. As you go about comparing different providers and deals, there are several things to keep an eye out for. First, obviously, it those start-up costs – how much will it take to integrate this system into your company? But, it is equally important to investigate the ongoing costs a plan will demand. Are there hidden extras within the deal, or added costs that will drive up the bills? Are the ongoing costs a fixed fee, or is there room for them to rise? 

The Blackbox UC Tip: Ask about start-up and ongoing costs. If there’s any ambiguity, we don’t blame you for shopping around!  

  1. Personalisation and Features 

One important thing you’ll naturally be drawn to as you look into telephony products is the features. What each service uniquely offers, and what it can add to your company. As you start to research, it’s important to go into the experience knowing ahead the key features that are non-negotiable for you to have. Also, be sure to look for a deal that is going to leave you room to personalise how you use the product – the more customised a product can be to the unique needs of your business, the better of you’ll be in the long run. 

The Blackbox UC Tip: Know exactly what you’re getting – can the technology fulfill its purpose?   

  1. Customer Service 

Lastly, when you’re looking to work with any company in a long-term capacity, it’s vital that you know they have a proven track record of high-quality customer service. The last thing you need is for your telecommunications to be down, and you are unable to get the swift help you need to keep your business running. Intentionally seek out round the clock care, swift availability, and a prover that you can trust in an emergency. 

The Blackbox UC Tip: Read customer reviews and check case studies. Start here 

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In the constant change and adaptation of business nowadays, integrating a hosted telephony system into your company is a natural step. If you’re looking to elevate business and allow your work to happen anywhere it needs to, it’s absolutely essential that you do the research into the telephony deal that is going to best suit your company. At Blackbox, we understand how overwhelming the options can be.  

Call us today to speak with an expert and get all the advice you need on the product, provider, and deal that’s going to effectively improve your daily work life. 

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