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5 Signs it’s Time to Upgrade Your Business Broadband

Perhaps your business broadband is absolutely awful.. or perhaps it’s just average? Either way, there could be much more on offer than meets the eye. Maybe you’re starting to realise your broadband could actually be impacting your business productivity. With the way technology has evolved over the past decade, it’s no secret that broadband deals are more wide-ranging than ever. So how exactly do you know if it’s that time to make a change?

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Discover five signs it’s time to upgrade your broadband, and get in touch with us at Blackbox UC for your new business solution.

1. You Have a Growing Business

Let’s say your once micro-business has now evolved to a much larger scale. This is great to hear for your business prospects but perhaps not so much for your already struggling broadband service. Like any other business resource, your broadband should be growing with you. This means increasing bandwidth, upload and download speeds to keep your business running smooth as ever. The more use your broadband is getting, the greater its capabilities need to be otherwise it will likely crumble under pressure – resulting in unwanted malfunctions.

2. You Want to Link Your Broadband to Other Devices

In other words, you need to add more traffic lanes for your bandwidth!

Much like business size, if you’re expanding operations into new technology devices, it’s important you cater for these too. We like to compare bandwidth users to traffic in this sense – the more congested your traffic is the slower it will travel. Rather, if you add more lanes to your bandwidth then traffic can flow much more smoothly.

Whether you’re adding whole new features to your plan or you have a variety of different providers for each device, it’s easiest and most cost-effective to combine them all into one bundle where possible. This means you can make the most of optimising your broadband package for what your business uses most. You may be pleased to hear that just because you purchased a device with one provider, it doesn’t mean you’re stuck with them forever!

3. You’re Changing Business Locations

This one’s fairly simple to wrap your head around – changing locations often means you could have a better deal available. Particularly, if you’re moving operations from a rural area into a city you’ll be exposed to many more options based on location. This doesn’t necessarily mean the provider next door is going to be the best one, but keeping it local within your country is always beneficial.

4. You Haven’t Changed Your Broadband Plan Since 2001

Perhaps 2001 is an exaggeration, but with the way technology is rapidly evolving only a couple of years can put you in prehistoric times compared to the rest of the crowd. Not only would upgrading mean faster upload and download time and boosted connectivity, but these days you can get a lot more value for money. Broadband bundles are a lot more flexible for businesses now, rather than the one-size-fits-all attempts of the past.

5. Your Internet is Always Buffering or Slow

Are you often trying to upload a document only for it to reach 90% and then fail? It’s a common misconception that Wi-Fi is always the one at fault when things are running slow. Although this may sometimes be the case, nine times out of ten your Wi-Fi is just suffering from a poor broadband connection.

If you’re still unsure or you think it could be a combination of the two, try running a broadband speed test and quality monitor. Simply attach your device to your router by physically using an ethernet cable, then run a casual test in the internet browser on your device. We’d recommend reaching out to an expert for more comprehensive advice on your broadband issues, but this can be an easy place to start.

Ready to Upgrade Your Broadband?

If you’re suffering some of these poor broadband indications, it’s likely time to make the call to upgrade. Discover a new way of business, with enhanced broadband connectivity and quality. Changing providers and upgrading plans doesn’t need to be as taxing as it sounds, and it can actually end up increasing business productivity in the long-run.

Get in touch with us at Blackbox UC to discuss your new and improved broadband capability. Our cloud migration services help move services across when hardware and software refreshes are required – making broadband upgrades a breeze.

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