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7 Reasons Why Network Services Matter For Your Business

Business technology is constantly evolving – nowadays it impacts every area of business operations. This is where networks have quickly become the heart of daily business functions. So why exactly do network services matter so much and how could they be impacting your business?

Networks for Business

Learn why networks are important and how they could impact your business, and get in touch with us at Blackbox UC for an optimised network plan.

1. Cost

Dodgy connections and technology malfunctions may seem like minor issues at the time but they can lead to costly follow ups in the future. Centralising your network will mean lower IT costs when things go wrong. You can also cut costs through networking by sharing databases, applications and internet access all in the one hub. A shared network across your business will optimise value for money, rather than having to pay separate providers for separate device plans. Not to mention huge, out-dated servers can take up a ridiculous amount of space that could otherwise be used more effectively for business.

2. Productivity

Outdated and poor performing technology are a leading cause for a loss in business productivity. Without an updated and secure network, important business information can easily be lost in transit. An all-inclusive network will minimise downtime, slow transmission and faulty lines of interaction. Streamlining your systems will enable swift communication between devices on the same network, empowering your workers to be as efficient as ever. Intelligent software will do the heavy-lifting for your network, so that your employees can get back to work and you can focus on managing your business best.

3. Security

Network security protects information integrity and controls who has access to it. It should incorporate defences to manage all entry points, such as using Firewalls and isolated passwords to prevent access. Modern network systems will incorporate built-in resilience to security breaches and alert you when a network is compromised. It’s important to stay aware of new external threats to your data, and keep up-to-date with the latest software systems to tackle these.

If you’re worried about your business security, reach out to us at Blackbox UC to discuss our high security measures for keeping your information safe.

4. System Upgrades

System upgrades can be overly time consuming and are often put on the backburner for busy businesses. However, leaving upgrades until later can actually make way for security breaches and technology malfunctions. Unlike outdated machines, you won’t have to be inserting a CD into every computer you have in the office. With a shared network, most of these updates will occur wirelessly on the cloud – minimising lost time and unnecessary IT costs.

5. Linking Business Operations

The growing need for wireless connection in the workplace means wireless networking is essential for connecting your business operations. Wireless networking enables businesses to extend their network beyond a sole site, meaning you can link your system to several outbuildings, public spaces or co-location purposes. This is particularly beneficial for expanding business operations or linking systems between one firm and another.

6. Access Anywhere

It’s more common than ever for businesses to employ remote working capabilities in their workplace. This means the ability to access anywhere has become increasingly sought after. With WAN (wide area network) services, computers can be connected over a large area which enables greater work from home opportunities. Workers can access data and information from anywhere, making your professional capability super flexible – connecting users anywhere.

7. Technical Support

Most network service providers will include technical support in your package. This means you don’t have to stress because on the off chance that something does go wrong, you’ll have a qualified specialist available to help. Intelligent software systems will also monitor and assess your network performance to minimise potential risks of downtime.

At Blackbox UC we actively monitor connectivity and failover routing plans for optimal network performance.

Evolve Your Business Network

Business networks should be a priority in stream-lining business operations for optimum productivity and security. A business network specialist will make sure your employees have access to all the resources and information they need with intelligent network technology.

For information on our customised network services, get in touch with us at Blackbox UC.

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