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About Us

About Us

Empowering businesses through cutting-edge technology and unrivalled customer service.

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Our Story

The Blackbox Group was first established in January 2013. Co-founders Colin and Antony had been running successful businesses for 15 years before creating the company. As business owners and consumers, they recognised the need for a telecoms company that offered uncomplicated and customised solutions with an affordable fixed fee. So, they created one: Blackbox Unified Communications.

Since our inception, we’ve expanded quickly, building a team of dedicated technology and communications professionals. We work with business clients of all sizes across the UK and deliver innovative solutions backed by our leading technology partners. Driven by the values of integrity, trust, honesty, dedication, and professionalism, we strive to make quality telecoms accessible to businesses so that they can achieve their goals.

In addition to Blackbox Unified Communications, the Blackbox Group also includes Blackbox Solutions– a printing company offering unified document solutions for business clients across the UK.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower businesses through cutting-edge technology and unrivalled customer service. We deliver an uncomplicated and customised telecoms service that is designed to suit the unique needs of each client. As a client of Blackbox UC, you can expect to pay an all-inclusive monthly fee for your telecoms service. With no hidden costs and unlimited support, you’ll have peace of mind that your business telecoms are supported at all times.  

Our Partnerships

Our Team

Colin M Griffin


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After a successful 15-year career in business, Colin co-founded Blackbox UC in 2013. Not only does Colin oversee the team and manage business operations, but he also works directly with clients to ensure optimal outcomes. Colin has an intricate understanding of the telecoms industry and is able to deliver a cutting-edge service for clients across the UK.

Antony Donoghue


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Antony co-founded Blackbox UC in 2013 after working in the industry for over 15 years. His role involves leadership, management, and direct client communication, ensuring success in all areas of the business as well as successful outcomes for clients. Antony knows the industry inside-out and is dedicated to producing exceptional outcomes for the business clients of Blackbox UC.

Jacob Eden


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Jacob has had a successful career with BT and has been with Blackbox UC since 2020 and plays an integral role in client success and account management. He is a Gamma and Telcoswitch trained specialist and works directly with clients.

Darren Prior


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Darren Prior has 22 years experience in the security and telecoms industry and specialises in CCTV, intruder alarms, access control and data services. He joined Blackbox UC 2 years prior to the rebrand and plays an important role in the security division of the company. Darren manages the company, conducts security surveys, and manages a team of skilled engineers.

Ryan Gil


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Ryan has 17 years experience in the telecommunications industry. Qualified as a telecommunications project manager and technical engineer, covering radio and media installations, networking and structured cabling, CAT 5-6 internet protocol and wireless technologies, Wifi/CCTV unifi ubiquity. Certified in Gamma, Telcoswitch, 3CX telecommunication platforms.

Bryn Williams


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Bryn has a wealth of communications experience with 30 years in the telecommunications industry. Trained as a project engineer and comms engineer in networking and structured cabling, CAT 5-6 internet protocol and wireless technologies, Wifi/CCTV unifi ubiquity. Certified in Gamma, Telcoswitch, 3CX telecommunication platforms .

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