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All Your Unified Telecoms FAQs Answered 

So, you’ve heard you need unified telecoms. However, nobody has told you what unified telecoms is just that it’s necessary. While they may have left you hanging like an old telephone cord, they’re right in that it’s a necessary component of running a business in 2022. Allow us to fill in the blanks. 

Unified Telecoms FAQs

This blog dives into explaining what unified telecoms is, what it comes with, what problems it can solve, and why you need Blackbox UC for your unified telecoms needs. For more information or personalised advice, get in contact with our friendly and knowledgeable team today. 

What is Unified Telecoms? 

Unified telecoms joins multiple pieces of technology together so that communication is as easy and transparent as possible. The telecoms are hosted by a data centre, where calls are redirected through an IP link from your company to your client. While the mechanics behind it involve a lot of physical and metaphorical wires, unified telecoms ensures there are no tangles in your everyday communications. 

What Does Unified Telecoms Include? 

Business Mobile 

We’re not as confined to offices and cubicles as we used to be. While fixed lines were essential pre-Y2K and even up until relatively recently, today we rely on mobile communications to keep us connected. Especially with remote working, business mobiles help to keep you and your employees contactable when you’re out of the office. 

Hosted Telephony 

Hosted telephony is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) software that stores your business phone system in the cloud, rather than in your office. As it’s stored wirelessly, it ensures you, your colleagues, and your clients can keep in contact with ease. 

Business Broadband

Broadband is the successor to dial-up, giving its users a higher capacity for a telecom line to carry signals. This higher capacity means your Internet will run at a faster speed, which is especially useful when it comes to virtual team meetings, video calls, and sharing large files, which require more bandwidth. 

Why is Unified Telecoms Helpful for Business? 

In an increasingly digital world where more of us are working from home, co-working spaces, or out in the field, it’s more important than ever to stay connected. Whether that’s to your colleagues, clients, customers, or anybody else, having a quick and easy way to contact somebody wherever you are means that your business is seen as reputable and reliable, which in turn helps your bottom line. 

What Problems Can Unified Telecoms Solve? 

Consistency Across Your Business

If you’ve ever needed to call a company and ‘ummed’ and ‘ahhed’ because last time you tried to contact them it was a mess— this is exactly what unified telecoms can help you avoid. Your customers won’t need to worry if they’ll lose their lunch break trying to get through to you when your communications are handled proficiently with a unified telecoms system. 

Reduce Operating Costs

As unified telecoms systems operate using the cloud, rather than physical hardware, there are fewer upfront costs. Additionally, your VoIP provider will perform scheduled maintenance, reducing the chances of small problems erupting into big costs. 

Enhance Staff Productivity and Communication

We’re not all ‘phone people’. Some people prefer to communicate via writing, and that’s perfectly fine! Email remains an important tool, and messaging applications are proving more and more popular among employees and customers alike. However, your team likes to communicate, unified telecoms allows it to happen easily and efficiently. 

Enhance Client/Customer Outcomes and Success

However we communicate, interruptions make it difficult. Unified telecoms provide optimal protection against downtime across all forms of communication. Moreover, when you open your company up to additional forms of communication such as messaging and file sharing, you immediately expand your clientele. Those who prefer writing over speaking will feel more comfortable contacting your business, and are thus more likely to spend their money with you. 

What Makes Blackbox UC a Great Unified Telecoms Company?

Personalised Contracts 

Just like no two people are alike, no two businesses are the same. You and your competitors may operate in the same industry, serving the same types of customers, in the same physical area— but behind-the-scenes operations can vary widely. A personalised contract with Blackbox UC ensures you receive what is non-negotiable for you, while leaving out any features you won’t use, reducing unnecessary costs. 

Fixed-Fee Packaged— Say Goodbye to Bill Shock!

It’s great to be able to always know where you’re going. Knowing your expenses for the month, every month, reducing stress about upcoming bills. A fixed-fee package with Blackbox UC ensures you won’t get caught out with bill shock, so there’s more room for you to focus on what’s most important. 

Great Customer Service

Whether you’re the customer or the customer service representative, you know how important it is to be able to trust your providers. We’ve been on both sides as well, and make sure we always provide the most exceptional service, every time.  

When you contact Blackbox UC you know you’re going to hear a friendly and professional voice on the other side of the line. And with a vast amount of experience and knowledge on our products, we can quickly fix up whatever it is you need before you even have the chance to miss one client call. 

Speak With a Unified Telecoms Specialist

If your current telecoms system is lacking, we’ve got just the thing to bring it to life. To bring your communications into 2022 with a trusted and reliable service, contact our team at Blackbox UC today. 

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