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Connect your business across any of the major networks and choose from a wide range of smartphones, rugged devices, and tablets.

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*per month on a 6-month minimum contract

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Business Mobile
Business Mobile Phone

Business Mobile
Phone Deals

Mobile phones have become an extension of modern-day businesses – connecting staff, customers, and wider networks through voice data and advanced technology. We offer a range of business mobile phone deals to help you stay connected when it matters most. For business mobile benefits like flexible services, fixed-fee contracts, outstanding customer service, cross-platform billing, and competitive prices, look no further than Blackbox UC!

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Business Mobile Solutions

We’re proud to offer customised business mobile phone packages to suit businesses of all sizes.
We support four core networks – EE, Vodafone, O2, and Three.

Handsets and
Device Plans

Handsets and Device Plans

Looking for mobile technology that supports the way your business works? We have a wide range of handsets and devices to select from so you can choose the right tech for your team!

SIM-Only Deals

Sim-Only Deals

Our SIM-only contracts offer excellent flexibility, freedom, and cost savingsChoose the SIM that suits your team and enjoy features like unlimited calls, texts, and data!

Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband

Need to connect your team on-the-go? Ask about our mobile broadband solutions that offer super-fast data whenever and wherever you need it!

Mobile Device

Mobile Device Management

With our Mobile Device Management (MDM) services, you can get peace of mind that your employee business mobiles are being managed by a professional, expert team.

Your Contract, Your Choice

It’s time to say goodbye to bill shock, harsh contracts, and poor customer service. At Blackbox UC, we believe that businesses deserve flexibility and choice in their business mobile phone contract.

Ultimate Flexibility


Your business is dynamic and constantly evolving – so why should your mobile phone deal offer no flexibility? We think that it should! So, we offer complete customisation and flexibility in all areas. For you, this means custom packages, flexibility in prices, and flexibility in services.

Cross-Platform Billing


There’s no one-size-fits-all in business mobiles. Different team members need different devices, features, connectivity, and coverage! That’s why we offer cross-platform billing – access to multiple services, networks and plans all under the same package and bill.

Fixed-Free Contracts


Bill shock doesn’t have to be a monthly occurrence. In fact, with Blackbox UC, it’s a thing of the past. Our fixed-fee contracts mean you’ll know exactly what you need to pay for your services each month – no hidden fees or extras!

create custom business mobiles deal

Create Your Custom
Business Mobiles Deal

Our business mobile phone experts are ready to help customise a deal for your business! Simply call today to get personalised advice and a fixed-fee quote. Experience the Blackbox UC difference – call us today!

Other Business Mobile Features

One Voice

Enjoy one single, detailed bill for all your mobile devices and fixed line services We offer the best rates across multiple airtime providers to give you optimum coverage where you need it.

Unlimited Data

With Blackbox UC, your team need never run out of data or incur out-of-bundle charges. To keep things super simple, we offer unlimited plans. No setting data caps, managing sharer plans or surprise extra bills.

Shared Data

Eliminate out-of-bundle charges with our data sharing plans. More efficient and more cost-effective than setting data allowances. Pool and share data to suit the way your people work with our flexible business data plans.

Your Business Mobiles Questions Answered

Yes. We frequently configure our accounts to notify the user of their data usage at 80%. We will typically notify the finance team at around 70% usage to allow us time to discuss any potential add-ons that may be required.

Many of the networks are introducing a small daily fee but 02 have decided to still offer free EU Roaming. This is subject to change at any time – ask our business mobile experts for more detail.

Yes. We have several different solutions available which will allow for mobile calls to be recorded if necessary.

Yes, we offer cross-platform billing. We understand different networks have different strengths and we are positioned to offer you the best from all providers without multiple complicated bills.

Our customer service team on average responds to all incoming email queries in under 17 minutes and incoming calls are answered on average within the first 5 rings! Depending on your query we look to provide a resolution within 24 hours, this includes internet outages.

From the start of the contract until the end of the contract, the Blackbox UC will manage and maintain your systems set-up. This could be as simple as adding a divert or as complex as recording a welcoming message in our professional studios and uploading it to your main telephone number.

This is normal within the telecommunications industry so do not worry! We have fantastic relationships with the majority of telco leasing companies within the UK and are certain we can make a solution work for you.

Yes, we can provide finance to acquire software. Leasing software does not require having to pay a large upfront cost, such as buying the license outright. It also reduces the risk that your business will end up with obsolete software because at the end of the term you could choose to upgrade to the latest software.

Yes, all finance lease rental payments are tax-deductible against profits, therefore attract tax relief for the full duration of the lease agreement. Contact your accountant to find out how this can reduce your overall tax bill.

Your payments are fixed and are therefore unaffected by interest rate rises. They would be subject to any changes in VAT.

This depends on your specific contract details. These figures are as a guide only: 

Vodafone: Up to 45 days prior to your contract end date.  

EE: Up to 180 days prior to your contract end date.  

O2: Terms and conditions apply. 

Contact us today for personalised advice!  

Upgrades: When you renew your existing mobile contract and change your current tariff.  

Moving Networks: Also known as ‘porting’ when you transfer your number. You will need to obtain a Port Authorisation Code (PAC) from your existing network.  

New Contract and New Number: You will connect to a new network as a new customer. Please note this option will not transfer your existing number.  

Your Port Authorisation Code (PAC) is what enables you to transfer your phone number to a new mobile network. To obtain yours, simply call your mobile phone network and request your unique code. Your code is only valid for 30 days. The transfer is typically completed within 2 working days. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours to be finalised and ready for use.

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Our business mobile phone experts are ready to help customise a deal for your business! Simply call today to get personalised advice and a fixed-fee quote. Experience the Blackbox UC difference – call us today!

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