CCTV and Security Systems Installation

From buildings to shopping malls, offices to warehouses to safes and beyond, Blackbox UC offers a full suite of industry security services. With our services, it’s not just about improving operational efficiency and making your workflow more intelligent.

Ultimate Protection with Industry Leading Security Solutions

Blackbox is a leading installer of commercial CCTV systems in the UK. We have a nationwide network of engineers that professionally install and maintain our systems. We provide simple standalone commercial CCTV through to complex integreted IP systems that seamlessly integrate with Access Control, Intruder Alarms and Fire Systems to offer clients a single point front end to manage buildings and locations. We specialise in Commercial CCTV services for a range of industries within the commercial, retail and industrial sectors.

The emergence of IP CCTV has allowed us to offer Automaatic Number Plate Recognition, Facial Recognition and Analytics at very competitive cost that hasn’t been possible before. Blackbox Security offers Remote Monitoring from a Central Station that monitors and protects clients premises when unoccupied. Whether it’s small to medium-sized projects that need only a few dozen devices, or large projects that require thousands, Blackbox continually delivers sharp insight and creates value for our customers.

Tailored Security Solutions for Businesses

Each industry faces unique challenges, and that’s why all our security services are tailored to the specific needs in each scenario.

CCTV and Security FAQs

CCTV is short for Closed Circuit Television, meaning that one or more cameras are connected to a recording & monitoring device.

What Our Customers Say

Hear how unified solutions by Blackbox UC have improved productivity and ease of communication for our clients across the UK