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Connect your business across any of the major networks and choose from a wide range of smartphones, rugged devices and tablets.

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CCTV and Security
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From buildings to shopping malls, offices to warehouses to safes and beyond, Blackbox UC offers a full suite of industry security services. With our services, it’s not just about improving operational efficiency and making your workflow more intelligent.

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Blackbox is a leading installer of commercial CCTV systems in the UK. We have a nationwide network of engineers that professionally install and maintain our systems. We provide simple standalone commercial CCTV through to complex integreted IP systems that seamlessly integrate with Access Control, Intruder Alarms and Fire Systems to offer clients a single point front end to manage buildings and locations. We specialise in Commercial CCTV services for a range of industries within the commercial, retail and industrial sectors.

The emergence of IP CCTV has allowed us to offer Automaatic Number Plate Recognition, Facial Recognition and Analytics at very competitive cost that hasn’t been possible before. Blackbox Security offers Remote Monitoring from a Central Station that monitors and protects clients premises when unoccupied. Whether it’s small to medium-sized projects that need only a few dozen devices, or large projects that require thousands, Blackbox continually delivers sharp insight and creates value for our customers.

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Tailored Security
Solutions for Businesses

Each industry faces unique challenges, and that’s why all our security services are tailored to the specific needs in each scenario.

CCTV and Security FAQs

CCTV is short for Closed Circuit Television, meaning that one or more cameras are connected to a recording & monitoring device.

  • CCTV cameras are used to view and monitor areas to ensure that they are safe and secure.

If you want to protect your business, home or any other private property, CCTV has never been as accessible as it now. With low prices, easy installation and the technology allowing you to get HD pictures now is a good time to invest in a CCTV system. Working in conjunction with an alarm system, CCTV makes a great deterrent for would be thieves. 

if you want to protect your business, home or any other private property, cctv has never been as accessible as it now. With low prices, easy installation and the technology allowing you to get hd pictures now is a good time to invest in a cctv system. Working in conjunction with an alarm system, cctv makes a great deterrent for would be thieves.  

If you are looking to purchase cctv for your business there are even more reasons why you should have one installed. With a cctv installed at your business premises you will be able to help ensure your employee and customer safety, maintain security around any stock, protect your property or even keep an eye on your staff.

Knowing which CCTV camera to use for which application can be tricky. The majority of our cameras (not including the NPR cameras) can be used in most common scenarios. We would recommend fixed lens cameras as standard as you do not need to adjust the zoom and focus of these. If you do want to adjust the zoom and focus of a camera, we would recommend the auto focus cameras as these cameras will automatically focus if installed on an Blackbox system, you can even adjust the zoom and focus from your mobile phone. All of the external cameras we sell have IR built-in as standard so they will work with no light with differing ranges in IR distance depending on the camera model.

DVR is short for digital video recorder, a device that records CCTV camera footage onto one or more hard disks. It has several BNC connections to connect to the cameras. Our DVR’s can support 4, 8, 16 and 32 channels (connections) on the BNC ports whilst several of our NVR’s can also connect to IP cameras over the network.

NVR is short for network video recorder, an IP camera’s recording device. An NVR offers that same functionality as a DVR, as it records CCTV camera footage, but it is tailored for IP CCTV cameras.

IP cameras are the latest technology in CCTV cameras and can achieve higher resolution than standard HD CCTV cameras. They transmit digital signals so can directly connect to switches on the local network. As these can connect directly to switches you can run an IP CCTV system over an existing computer network.

Our IP cameras are quite easy to install, just simply connect your camera with network cable to an NVR, and make sure the NVR is connected to a router. The image will take around 30 seconds to be displayed. If the IP cameras are not being connected to the NVR directly then a POE switch can be used to provide power to the cameras. Once on the network you will have to run the search option on the NVR menu and select the cameras you want to add to the system.

Ethernet network cables consist of several twisted pairs inside the outer jacket. On some networks power can be transferred through one set of pairs to power devices, this is called POE (power over ethernet). The Blackbox IP cameras utilizes POE so that only one cable needs to be run, saving both time and effort.

When viewing remotely it is important to have good upload speed as you will be streaming footage from the NVR/DVR. For this reason, we would say that 2mb should be the minimum upload speed required to view remotely.

With our app you can connect to any of our recorders if there’s a network connection. This is available on both apple and android devices. If you want to connect from a pc or mac then there is software available.

Yes, if there is network connectivity then you can use the app on your mobile device to view live or recorded footage.

Yes, there is a hard limit which is in its hundreds, but we wouldn’t recommend more than 5 users login on a normal network due to network congestion. This is due to the bandwidth taken by each user streaming all the video footage for each camera.

Provided that the DVR system has a microphone attached then this is possible. The NVR can only play live audio remotely as it does not record.

Yes, you can digitally zoom on any camera. If you require optical zoom, then this is only available on an auto-focus or PTZ camera.

Once power is back up the DVR or NVR will power back up. If power cuts are frequent in your area, we recommend using an uninterruptable power supply (ups).

With most of our cameras there will be some visible red LEDs visible at night. This red light is the infrared light that allows the cameras to see in the dark.

This depends on the number of cameras recording at the same time and the level of quality/detail they record at. This will also depend on how big your hard drive is. If you require us to spec up a system to record for a certain amount of time, please contact our support team. With our recorders you can also save recording space by only recording when motion is detected.

Your DVR/NVR will overwrite the old data when the hard drive is full. This means the recorder will continuously record the latest footage.

Yes, through the USB port, which is on the back of the DVR/NVR. 

For more details, please see our backup section in “user guide book” to have more information.

This is a type of video analytics. When the recorder detects that there has been movement in some camera footage then it will record. You can configure it to record several seconds before the movement was detected and you are able to configure the recorder to send an email notification when this happens too. There are also sensitivity settings that allow you to adjust how much movement is detected before an action is triggered. Due to the nature of motion detection, we do not recommend this to be used for cameras that will face objects that may sway in the wind, such as trees.

Motion detection works through the DVR/NVR software by recording video when pixels in the picture change.

  •  IP CCTV system: 100m
  •  HD CCTV system: 200m 
  •  this is dependent on good quality cables; older cables may reduce the range of the signal.
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CCTV and Security FAQs

CCTV stands for closed circuit television. It is a security system where one or more cameras is connected to a device with recording and monitoring capabilities. 

CCTV has many benefits, including:  

  • Provides 24/7 monitoring of your premises and its surroundings. 
  • Records any incidents that occur.  
  • Strengthen your overall security. 
  • Deters crime. 
  • Also deters antisocial behaviour.  

If you’re looking to enhance the security of your business, then CCTV is a must. This low-cost, low-maintenance security measure is one of the easiest ways to instantly boost your protection. Not only does it capture any events, but it also deters them from happening in the first place. Installing CCTV has a positive impact on you as a business owner as well as your staff and customers because it enhances safety for all. If you don’t have CCTV, we encourage you to assess your current security measures and call Blackbox UC today. 

CCTV should always be customised to your business and its unique needs. Rather than guesswork, we recommend an inspection from a Blackbox UC team member so you can be matched with a system that suits you. CCTV systems come in a variety of models, types, and sizes, and your business may need (or not require) different features from your neighbour. 

DVR stands for digital video recorder. A DVR is a device that stores your CCTV footage on a hard disk. DVRs come in 4,8,16 and 32 channels, or connections. 

NVR stands for network video recorder – this is an IP camera’s recording device. An NVR performs the same function as a DVR but is for IP CCTV.

IP cameras offer the latest in CCTV technology. They achieve a higher resolution than a standard CCTV camera and transmit digital signals directly to the local network. 

We recommend professional CCTV installation to ensure you system is setup for optimal performance. 

Yes! It is possible to access your recordings from your computer or phone if you have a network connection. Our systems are compatible with Apple and Android, and PC and Mac. 

Yes! You can view your CCTV footage either live or recorded if you are connected to a network.

Yes – this is possible, however not recommended. We recommend that no more than five users access your footage at once. This is because streaming the video footage uses bandwidth and excessive users may cause network congestion.

Yes. If your DVR system has a microphone attached, it is possible to listen to audio.

Yes, you can zoom in on your cameras making it easy to view the finer details like number plates. Optical zoom is only available on a PTZ or auto-focus camera. 

If you experience regular power outages in your area, we recommend using an uninterruptable power supply that will never block your camera access. During a power outage without an uninterruptable power supply, your DVR or NVR will reboot once the power comes back on.

There are visible red LEDs visible on most cameras at night. This is just the infrared light technology that offers night vision!

This is dependent on the number of cameras you have recording at the same time as well as the size of your hard drive. If you have specific requirements or requests with recording time, simply let our team know and we’ll find a system to suit you.

Once full, your DVR or NVR will overwrite its oldest data to make room for new data. This means you will always have access to the latest recordings.

Yes! You can backup your footage through the USB port on the back of the DVR or NVR. If you need assistance with this action, contact our support team or read the user guidebook.

Video motion detection is a feature that detects movement in the frame which triggers recording. This feature is not recommended for cameras facing any objects that regularly move – such as trees that move in the wind or facing a busy road.

This technology works by recording when pixels in the picture change.

  • IP CCTV system: 100m 
  • HD CCTV system: 200m 

Please note that this is dependent on installing good quality cables. Older or damaged cables may reduce the range of the signal. 


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