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Our Favourite Hosted Telephony Products in 2022

The past couple of years have been monumental in shaping what the modern era of business looks like. Suddenly, many of us find ourselves in a position where the ability to work and communicate from various locations outside the office is necessary and important.  

The integration of hosted telephony products has naturally taken a big step up – allowing us to remain connected with all our colleagues and employees, even when we can’t remain in a physical office together. So, as we enter 2022, we’ve picked out just a few of the best hosted telephony products to consider for your business this new year. 

Best Hosted Telephony Products

This blog outlines the features and benefits of a few of the best telephony products on the market. To find out what provider will work best for you and your business, reach out to Blackbox UC today to speak with an expert. 

1 Voice

1 Voice is the perfect option for many small and medium sized businesses. This secure, cloud-based phone system effectively unifies your landline and mobile communications. With one swift integration, all your communications systems can be seamlessly connected, and you’ll always be in touch with your peers as needed. Blackbox UC is able to deliver all the benefits and features of this system through our offer of a fully converged service, catering to fixed and mobile phones as necessary. 

Incorporating this system will make a huge impact on your business. The customer experience will be effectively enhanced for every client you work with. Staff productivity will reach a new high, efficiency will be easier than ever to maintain, and morale will naturally lift with the newfound ease of working life. No matter where you are, 1 Voice can allow you to produce better work from any device. 

YeaLink is a global telephony provider with some unbeatable features. Video conferences, voice communications, and collaborative solutions all reach a new height with YeaLink’s well-established system. This product offers some of the highest quality technology in the market, combining innovation with a set-up that’s user friendly and easy to navigate. A few key features of YeaLink are: 

Mobile Softphone

With added connection through apps, YeaLink allows for you to remain connected to all your colleagues through your mobile phone. The softphone mobile app allows for constant connection, wherever you find yourself. 

Auto Attendant

 Incoming calls are able to be automatically transferred to an extension. No receptionist required – with just a few clicks, the YeaLink system can handle all that pesky intervention for you, making sure your calls head straight through to the right spot. 

Call Recording

 Whether internal or external, this phone system is able to record and store all business calls as required. All your valuable information and data can be automatically recorded for your company, ensuring you can look back on important calls and conferences as necessary. 

Call Queue

 No operators available? No problem. Through the YeaLink system, you are able to hold up to 50 different call queues, with the freedom to choose different music for all different queues. On top of that, Call Queue reports can be viewed, downloaded, and printed at any time. 

Microsoft Teams Integration

You may be familiar with Microsoft Teams in your office. Now, however, Microsoft Teams is offering your business the agility to integrate all your communications through one seamless system. Moving across to an entirely new system can be a hassle, though the freedom to run all your necessary work proceedings through one platform (without having to click away) will be invaluable to building efficiency.  

Through Microsoft Teams you can experience our generous benefits and features all through their user-friendly system, including inclusive call bundles, call routing, ongoing provisioning and support, and CRM integration. Plus, with all communications centralised to one spot, you’ll save your employees all the time wasted with unnecessary hopping between applications and platforms to make calls or reach out to clients. 

Call Now to Speak with a Hosted Telephony Expert

Running an efficient business looks different nowadays. Now more than ever, it’s essential to have the agility to communicate with your colleagues and do your work from any location necessary – being in a physical office together isn’t the assumed reality it once was. As you look to invest in a hosted telephony system this new year, it’s important that you’re entirely confident that you’ve found the perfect deal for you.  

At Blackbox UC, we have experience in sourcing the perfect products to meet all the unique needs of different businesses. Call us today to speak with an expert, and let us help you to improve your business for 2022 and beyond.

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