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What to Look for Before You Sign Your Telecoms Contract in 2022

‘I don’t have time to research telecom providers,’ you say. We get it— running a business is several full-time jobs in one, and there are simply never enough hours in the day. You take the first deal you see that offers the basic things you need like broadband and mobile, and get on with your day. Then, months later, you find yourself locked into a contract that doesn’t meet your expectations. What you may spend in time researching telecom providers will likely save you money and hassle in the long run. 

Unified Telecoms Contract

This blog discusses the most important things to look for before signing a telecoms contract, and explains the red flags. For more information or personalised advice, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team at Blackbox UC today. 

Things to Look for in Your Telecoms Contract 

1. Upfront Costs 

Many people will consider this first, and we don’t blame them. While it may seem like you’re getting a great deal, sometimes things really can be too good to be true. It may look like that attractive low price is for the product you’re after, but look out for the fine print— for instance, the great price you see for a handset may actually just be for the phone’s protective case. 

2. Ongoing Fees 

An ongoing fee is the fee you pay to use the service, typically paid monthly for telecommunications products. Make sure when you look into the number on display, you search the page for those little hidden details— you could end up paying for these in more ways than one. You may be charged an additional fee for paying your bill using one method instead of another, for example. 

3. Inclusions 

Ensure everything you need is included before you sign on the dotted line. If you need business mobiles, make sure they’re included instead of fixed line phones. Double-check details like the broadband speed, so you’re not locked into a contract with sluggish Internet. You don’t want to think you’ve gotten everything you need, only to find out you missed a big piece of the puzzle later on. 

4. Coverage 

It’s frustrating enough when you find yourself in a mobile black spot in your day to day life— make sure your chosen provider covers your area, and covers it well.  

5. Payment Terms  

The first step in budgeting is knowing what you need to pay, and when. While most telecom contracts are to be paid monthly, this isn’t always the case.  

With a fixed term contract you won’t have to worry about bill shock, which takes a weight off your shoulders. Variable contracts aren’t all bad, however, as they work well for some people— this is why it’s best to do your due diligence and not simply take somebody’s word as gospel. 

6. Hidden Fees and Excess Charges

These details love to hide away in dark corners, cloaked in small font. Stay savvy and don’t fall into the trap. If you’re not sure about something, have a trusted friend or family member look over a contract before you sign it. 

7. Lock-In Terms or Flexible Contract  

If you find a great (legitimate) deal at a reasonable price, it makes sense to lock in if you’re confident your business needs will remain the same. Otherwise, a flexible contract may be more suitable. Both have their benefits and it’s up to the user to decide which is best for them. In the case of locked in terms, keep an eye out for exit fees for if your circumstances do change. 

Things to Consider When Selecting a Telecoms Contract 

Simplifying Your Unified Solutions 

Do you have a unified solution (hosted telephony, business mobiles, broadband, etc) all with one supplier? Probably not— but you should. Blackbox UC offers all of your unified solutions in one package, meaning no more confusion over whether you need to pay one bill to your broadband provider and another one to your business mobile dealer.  

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