Manual transfer of data and information may take up more of your employee’s time than you think. Disparate systems only work to make a workplace trickier to navigate, forcing employees, sales agents, and customer service representatives to juggle between different technologies and sites.

If you’re looking to boost efficiency and create a stress-free digital system, integration of your Customer Relationship Management platforms (CRM) with your phone systems is a vital step to make. But what exactly does this achieve? How can you make this happen? Read on to find out.

This blog will outline the benefits of integrating your CRM with your phone system, as well as discussing some of the most effective platforms through which you can do that. For personalised advice and help boosting the efficiency of your communications systems, contact Blackbox UC today.

The Benefits of Integrating Your CRM and Phones

Above all else, integration of your CRM with your phone system is a way to make life easier for everybody working in your system. Rather than allowing different applications and contact centre technologies to complicate your workload, allow for a total streamline of operations to enhance productivity and maximise function for your entire staff.

Customer service will be endlessly less stressful for everybody involved once your phone systems are integrated into your CRM systems. Not only does it save time and simplify the transfer of data, but this integration can open up plenty of features that will entice both your customers and the service representatives.

Here is a breakdown of just some of the benefits from connecting your CRM and phones:

  • Everyone across different divisions and teams will have access to the same data through one easy system
  • CRM data provides a lot of useful information and resources for agents and representatives, allowing for phone calls with customers to become more personalised and backed with important statistics
  • Integrated systems act as a single source of data, digital tools, and phone systems, making multitasking and jumping between tasks as necessary less complicated
  • Manual data entry from phone calls is eliminated, saving the entire company valuable time that can be used elsewhere
  • Generation and follow up of sales leads are simplified
  • Option to set up automatic logging of calls, as well as centralised recording and voicemail systems

Connecting Microsoft Teams with Your Phone System

As more and more businesses adopt Microsoft Teams as their CRM of choice, many face the decision of whether they will attempt to connect Teams with their phone system. In doing so, Microsoft offers hugely beneficial features – centralising communications by being able to make and receive calls through MS Teams, for example.

However, the Microsoft system does not make integration an easy process. The structure of Microsoft Teams is clunky, requiring the continual additions of different modules in order to set up a fully functioning, centralised system. Ultimately, if one cohesive source of data and functionality is what you’re looking for, there are likely superior options available.

CRM and Phone System Integration by Gamma and TelcoSwitch

 If you’re looking for a more effective and seamless platform to integrate your systems, either Gamma or TelcoSwitch may be good options. Each are leaders in digital communications and offer clear ways to unifying CRM and phone systems. While Microsoft’s systems may leave you swept up in various modules and additional features required in order to build a functioning hub of communications, both Gamma and TelcoSwitch have made to process as simple as possible to create your ideal communications system.

Common Telecoms Integration Challenges

 Integrating your telecommunications is full of benefits, but it can be a complicated process to go through alone. Self-installation, whilst it may seem like the clearest way to approach unifying all your personal systems, leaves the risk of not achieving the best form of integration possible. Many businesses face the struggle of not only tackling how to combine their systems, but also how to do so in the most efficient way possible. Contacting a third party to help build the ideal, customised system for your team from scratch may be the most efficient way to go.

 Ready to Integrate the CRM and Phones at Your Business?

Your data collection and communications systems don’t have to be complicated. If you’re looking to integrate your CRM with your phone systems to optimise the function of your business, our Blackbox UC team is ready to help make this process as easy as possible. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the complications of setting up your centralised system, and instead let us step in to make your life endlessly easier.

Call Blackbox Unified Communications today to take the first step towards an efficient CRM integration.


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