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Cabling Services

Structured cabling installation for businesses across the UK.


Connect your business across any of the major networks and choose from a wide range of smartphones, rugged devices and tablets.


Stuctured Cabling:
CAT 5, CAT 6, Fibre

Now more than ever, organisations depend on cabling infrastructure built using enhanced standards. One popular building network infrastructure used by businesses is the structured data cabling service. Structured data cabling is a system of cabling and associated hardware that provides a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure.

Professional Cabling Installation

It involves designing and installing a cabling system that will support various hardware uses while catering to the business’s current and future needs. A properly installed system allows for current and future requirements of the organisation to be met and support hardware that is added in the future. Voice and Data cable installation and design is governed by a set of standardsffi that stipulate oces, centres, and buildings for communications using various types of cables. 

These standards specify how the cabling is to be laid in different topologies to meet the needs of the client. Each outlet is then fitted into an IP telephone system patch or a network switch for network use.

These standards are put in place to ensure consistency in design and installation, uniform documentation, and conformance to transmission line and physical line requirements.

Why Choose Blackbox
UC for Cabling?

Our systems provide:

  • A cabling infrastructure that delivers predictable performance
  • Flexibility to accommodate new changes, any additions or moves
  • Maximises system availability
  • Future proofs the usability of the cabling system
  • Reduces downtime as the system solves various problems on connectivity
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