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All Your Network FAQs Answered

With technology in the workspace quickly evolving, your device connectivity may seem more confusing than ever. However, with a top-performing business network it doesn’t have to stay this way. Avoid the complexity by condensing your business communications into one shared space, so you can focus on what really matters.

Network FAQs

Unsure what this means? Learn more about networking and what it could do for your business below – get in touch with us at Blackbox UC for a customised network plan.

What is a Network?

A network enables multiple devices to connect to each other, broadband and the internet. This connection can either be made by wires or Wi-Fi (wireless), intended to transmit, exchange as well as share data and resources. A business network is best built by a professional, using a combination of network hardware and software. This includes routers, access points and cables in addition to operating systems and business applications.

How Does a Network Work?

Computer networks communicate via the connection of nodes (computers, routers, switching cables, wireless signals), which enable devices in a network to share information and resources. Protocols within a network will define how these communications are sent and received. Each protocol will use an IP address to identify a device and allow other devices to recognize it. A network will also utilise routers and switches to facilitate these communications:

  • Routers: virtual or physical devices that analyse information to determine the best way for data to reach it’s end destination.
  • Switches: connect devices, managing node-to-node communication within a network, ensuring groups of travelling network information will reach the final destination.

What is an IP Address?

An IP address is a unique number assigned to every device on a network using the common Internet Protocol to communicate. This identifies the device’s host network and it’s location. When one device transmits data to another it will include what’s called a header; describing the IP address of the sending device as well as the destination device.

What Are the Types of Networks?

Networking needs have evolved quickly with technology, which means there’s now a large variety of network types on the market. Two of the most common types of networks are LAN and WAN:


LAN stands for local area network, which basically means this network will connect devices over a reasonably short distance for data, file and resource sharing purposes. These are usually privately managed for places like office buildings or schools.


A WAN network is essentially the opposite – a wide area network that can span across regions or an entire continent. The internet is the largest WAN that connects billions of computers worldwide.

Is a Business Network Secure?

Every network has many entry points, which includes the network’s hardware and software but also the actual devices using to access it (phones, tablets, computers). Network security should incorporate defences to manage these entry points such as Firewalls to prevent access. You may add another layer of security with processes for authenticating users with IDs and passwords. Isolating your network data is also beneficial, as it will be harder for hackers to access important business information.

It’s important to stay aware of new external threats to your data, and keep up-to-date with the latest software systems to tackle these. Ideally to protect your business information, you may wish to incorporate several of these security measures. If you’re worried your business network isn’t secure, reach out to us at Blackbox UC to discuss our high security measures.

What are the Benefits of a Network for Businesses?

Networking solutions help businesses to improve traffic, secure the network and smoothly provide services as well as keeping your employees and other users happy. Rather than having multiple sources for different devices, a comprehensive network will link all of your business operations for ultimate convenience and productivity.

Information will flow smoothly from one device to another, enhancing communication across your business team. However, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation – the best computer networking system for your business will be uniquely configured to prioritise your business needs.

Start Your Business Network

Whether you’re in need of an upgrade or just starting fresh, a business network specialist will help you make the most of your tech with an all-inclusive plan. At Blackbox UC, we offer secure network solutions for internet connectivity, Wi-Fi, LAN and WAN to stream-line your business services.

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