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Omnichannel Communications Made Easy: Introducing 3Sixty by TelcoSwitch

How much time would you save if you could check all communications systems in the one place? What if we told you there is a solution that means you’ll never miss a business notification again?

As businesses steadily come to rely more and more on online tools, the number of sites and platforms needed to run all the necessary features for sales, marketing, and customer service never seems to stop growing. Managing multiple communications programs across various sites can be painful, but TelcoSwitch’s new program may be the streamlining solution you need to make your internal communications and customer service endlessly more efficient and effective. Read on to learn more about 3Sixty and what it has to offer your business.

This blog will break down the basics of 3Sixty, answering the key questions you might have about the program. To start your process of integrating all your communication platforms into one place, reach out to Blackbox UC today.

What is 3Sixty?

3Sixty is an omnichannel program that allows your business to centralise all your customer communications into one easy-to-navigate spot. The program essentially acts as a simple way to connect all the different channels your businesses use into one centralised cloud of data and information, allowing team members to jump between programs and communicate all from one digital location.

3Sixty is able to support all forms of communication platforms, including: Whatsapp business, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, online contact forms, live chat functions and chatbots, SMS, email, and phone calls. Customer service is made easy through the various 3Sixty features, which allow businesses to collate their data through advanced insights, history, and performance analysis. Plus, 3Sixty also supports all the key features you would expect from a communication platform – able to navigating incoming and outgoing calls, transfer and queue calls, and integrate all the digital platforms your business uses to connect to customers.

Why Choose 3Sixty?

So, what exactly does 3Sixty have to offer you? Why should you consider switching your digital systems over? Here are just a few of the benefits from centralising your channels into 3Sixty:

  • Omnichannel Presence: All your vital platforms funnelled into one location
  • Seamless Integrations: All divisions of your business can have their necessary tools and data through the same channels, from accounting services to marketing tools
  • Boosted Efficiency: Save all the time wasted on hopping between different platforms to complete tasks
  • Automatic Data Transfer: Eliminate the manual labour required to input data from one platform to another
  • Competitive Licensing: TelcoSwitch has inclusive bundles and integration deals that provide you all the essential services you require at affordable prices)
  • Frictionless Customer Experience: The ease of navigating your platforms and providing support will translate to positive customer interactions)

How Does 3Sixty Impact E-Commerce?

Great business is built on great customer service. When a customer experiences frictionless communication and interaction through your company, retaining their business becomes a far easier endeavour. This extends beyond a well-constructed website, and it is vital that your customer service teams have all the tools they need to deliver effortless support for customers that represents your brand in the light you want.

There are several ways that utilising 3Sixty can help achieve this. Firstly, the integration of leading online platforms such as Shopify and Woo Commerce gives your team the chance to see real-time orders, payments, returns, and more. Tangible daily insight into the ongoing success of your business is invaluable to your e-commerce success. Likewise, 3Sixty allows for all of your e-commerce tools to be integrated into one easy spot for your team to navigate.

Customer support is made seamless when team members have access to all necessary data and information on one screen, all whilst being able to communicate with customers through their preferred platform through the same program. Both customer and employee will have an efficient and stress-free experience, providing a positive representation of your support systems that will entice further business down the track.

Install 3Sixty Today

Does your business operate across multiple channels? Are you looking to funnel all your necessary tools and functions into one simple, customer-friendly system? 3Sixty is a monumental new system, and if any of the benefits laid out in this blog are of interest to you then Blackbox UC is ready to help you.

Contact our team today to find out just how easy it is to unite all your platforms into one convenient location.

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