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Read This Before Leasing Mobile Phones for Your Business – Advice on Phones, Plans, and Providers

Nowadays, good technology is the backbone of a successful business. No longer does this only include computers and succinct software and platforms to streamline your work, but it also involves including mobile phones in your daily business dealings.

However, choosing the correct phone, plan, and provider can make or break your company. If your team doesn’t have the technology and features, they need to best handle business, their performance can be massively impacted. If you’re looking at choosing a mobile plan for your company, then it’s worth reading on as we outline our top tips for cohesive phone selection.

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This blog is a beginner’s guide to mobile phones for businesses, detailing what should be considered when choosing hardware, plans, and providers. To get personalised advice, call Blackbox UC today to speak with an expert.

1. Pick Your Phone

It all begins with choosing the best phone. Hardware plays a massive role, as the type of mobile you select will entirely determine what capacities your team are able to work within. It all starts by making sure that mobile phones are, in fact, the best device for your business. Decide what software and communications services you’re looking to use and take the time to investigate whether this can be better achieved through other technology. And, if you’re confident that mobile phones are the logical step to better your work, it’s time to select a product.

For many people nowadays, this all boils down to Apple IOS or Android products. Which is your team more used to working with, and which will offer the best technical features? Consider the presence of a camera, and carefully draft out what your expected usage will look like to ensure that the storage will cover everything you need. The last thing you want is to choose a device and realise it isn’t going to be able to do the job you need it to. Study the market, compare hardware, and find your perfect match.

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2. Check Your Plan

When it comes to choosing a strong mobile plan for your business, flexibility is a must. You want to be assured that everything you need can be fully catering to the unique needs of your business, with the appropriate coverage and plenty of data to cover your entire team. Before even looking into different plans, ask yourself what the ideal inclusion would be for your business. What will your phones be primarily used for, and what features are an absolute must? Don’t choose the first plan that you think could work but aim to find the one as tailored to your unique needs as possible.

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3. Select Your Provider

Reputation can speak volumes. As you research different providers, take the time to read their reviews and understand the experiences of other clients – this is likely the best way to get sincere insight into their services. Another thing you may not know to take into consideration is cross-platform billing. When you’re using technology as a key aspect of your company, the ability to unite your different platforms and software used by your team under one provider’s billing will be invaluable in saving time.

Customer service plays a fundamental role in choosing a quality phone provider. By working with a company, you’re essentially entering a long-term relationship with them, so great customer service is a must. When you’re in a tight spot, will they be ready to take your call and walk you through it? At Blackbox UC, we understand how important it is for a business to get swift help, as the longer it takes to sort out an issue the more strain is put on your business. And, for a majority of businesses, leasing options are a must. Many employees would prefer to lease a business mobile, so ensuring you find a provider who can offer these arrangements is vital.

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When phones are as vital as they are to modern business, it is essential that you know you have the perfect option for you. Choosing the right hardware, provider, and coverage for your business doesn’t need to be a stressful ordeal. At Blackbox UC, we understand all the intricacies of your choices, and are ready to lend some guidance as you navigate these important decisions.

Call us today to speak with a knowledgeable expert who can find the perfect plan for you, taking into consideration all the unique features you may need. Make your work life endlessly easier by contacting us today.

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