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Unified Telecoms

Discover the power of unified telecoms for business - one provider, one invoice and no upfront costs

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Telephony and Broadband for Better Business

The future for some is difficult to predict and businesses are looking for services that can flex and adapt to this ever-changing landscape. Through the power of unified communications (UCaaS), the office can easily be replicated remotely, with little constraint in terms of access to resources and communications, both internally and externally.

Our telephony and broadband services are designed to offer businesses a seamless and innovative communications solution. This will not only help you to better connect with your customers, but also enhance internal communications, workflow, and productivity.

If you’re looking for a telecommunications company that offers a personalised approach, choose Blackbox UC.

Want Quality Telecoms Equipment
Without the Upfront Costs?

See how leasing can help you manage your budget

If your business could benefit from a Blackbox UC telecoms solution but you don’t want to purchase the equipment, we have the solution you’ve been searching for! Blackbox UC offers leasing with protected payment and fixed interest rates, offering you the convenience of just one monthly bill with no surprises.

From the outset you’ll be welcomed with no upfront installation, hardware, or software costs, allowing you to save money and manage your budget effectively. Our finance lease rentals aid in increasing productivity by optimising your telecoms with your work requirements, simplifying your day-to-day operations. To discover how much you could save by leasing, contact one of our specialists today on 01732 795440.

Our Leasing Partners

BNP Paribas

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Why Lease Your Telecoms
Equipment with Blackbox UC?


  • No upfront installation costs
  • No upfront hardware or software costs
  • One fixed monthly charge
  • Full budgetary control
  • Leasing locks in the value of the solution
  • Solution can be written down over a period of 3-5 years
  • Full tax and VAT benefits 
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Our Telephony and Broadband Services



The ideal solution as we enter a new era is to support your business by enabling your team to connect from anywhere on any device, simutaneously.



Mobile devices have become an extension of office environments, connecting remote staff with voice data and advanced technology, across any of the major networks.



Blackbox provides a safe and secure environment combining hosting with cloud services. This gives businesses in the UK technical and commercial flexibility.

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Why Invest in
Unified Telecoms?

The benefits of investing in unified telecommunications for businesses are endless. Not only can a unified solution enhance business-to-customer communications, but it can also improve internal productivity, collaboration, and management.

A comprehensive and unified telecoms setup ensures that your team are best supported to complete their roles. And studies show that when equipped when the right technology, staff don’t just work more efficiently, but the work they produce is to a higher standard.

Unified telecoms are no longer reserved for the large enterprises. Small to medium businesses should invest in unified telecoms too. And with our all-inclusive, fixed-fee packages, it’s never been easier to access the leading technology at an affordable cost.

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Blackbox UC unified telecoms services and solutions

Why Blackbox UC?

Our mission is to empower businesses through cutting-edge technology and unrivalled customer service. We deliver an uncomplicated and customised telecoms service that is designed to suit the unique needs of each client. And at Blackbox UC, we truly care about your business outcomes; we’ll be there with support when you need us.

Why choose Blackbox UC for your unified telecoms?

  • Fixed-fee packages with no hidden costs.
  • Unlimited support included.
  • Access to the leading unified telecoms technology.
  • Benefit from our business partnerships with companies like Gamma.
  • Peace of mind that you’ll always get first-class customer service.
  • Join a community of happy Blackbox clients from across the UK.

FAQs about
Unified Telecoms and
Leasing Options

There are plenty of reasons why your business can benefit from unified communications. Streamlining the communication process business wide can free up so much wasted time, increasing employee and team productivity. Unified communications can strengthen your IT security and efficiency, reducing data risks for yourself and remote employees. But most importantly, it reduces costs, one invoice, one straight forward bill and unlimited ways to communicate with your customers and colleagues.

Business is moving further and further into the digital age, and if your communication processes are not streamlined, your customers will notice, staff productivity will suffer, and your security may be at risk. Unified communications provide your business with the latest communication technology helping your team to stay connected safely and effectively from anywhere in the world.

UCaaS stands for Unified Communications as a Service. It is a cloud-hosted communications service supporting the following areas: 

  • Enterprise telephony 
  • Audio & Video meetings 
  • Unified, instant messaging 
  • Mobility and remote working 
  • Communication business processes 

Unified communications and UCaaS are almost identical in the features that they offer a business. The main difference comes with how the method is delivered to a business. While unified communications systems are typically on-premises, UCaaS is cloud-based cheaper alternative, delivered similarly to a subscription service.

With no upper ceiling, the sky’s the limit. A business can borrow from a minimum of £1,000 plus vat, allowing you to receive full tax and vat benefits.

The length of time it can take to arrange finance varies depending on the amount a business has applied for. In many cases, once we’ve received all of the information we require, we can have an answer for you within 24 hours.

We’re proud to offer no upfront installation costs, however as a finance contract, there will be a documentation fee. These vary in cost from £150 plus vat. We do everything in our power to pass on the most cost-effective fee, letting you put your hard-earned money where you need it most. 

Utilising finance rather than cash means you have a minimal impact on cash flow. As capital is a valuable asset of its own accord, financing helps you to accelerate the return on your investment quickly. This way, you retain your appreciated capital and invest it in other areas of growth such as acquisitions, increasing sales heads, training, and so on.

This is a common question, and it’s easy to see why! Bank finance is certainly helpful for business growth in many cases, but other times it can be difficult and slow to access. Alternative lenders such as Leasing for Business excel in offering flexible options that banks simply cannot provide.

We aim to make the process as smooth and simple as possibleGenerally, we’ll need to know the reason you’re applying for finance, and to see a recent set of business documents and the typical identification documents. If you can provide us with the main details and documents, we’ll take care of the rest behind the scenes, allowing you to focus on your business.

You certainly can— newly started businesses are an opportunity, not an obstacle, in our eyes. After all, some of the biggest brands today started in garagesWe’ve assisted many new businesses over the years and thrive on helping new businesses get off the ground and excel. We require a business plan and proof of loan, and, if possible, the last 3 months’ worth of bank statements and last set of full business accounts. This is standard for all new customers.

Leasing offers a great alternative to purchasing your equipment. Purchasing equipment can be expensive making it seem out of reach for some companies. With leasing, you can get the best without the cost! There are many benefits to you as the leaser, including:

  • No upfront costs, meaning cashflow is not impacted.   
  • Makes the best solution for your business more accessible.  
  • Better equipment means better efficiency and work outcomes.  
  • Get access to the latest technology without having to sell or replace your current equipment.  
  • Budget smarter with predictable monthly costs.  
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Hear how unified solutions by Blackbox UC have improved productivity and ease of communication for our clients across the UK

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If you’re looking for a telecommunications company that offers a personalised approach, choose Blackbox UC. Our team is ready to help your business find an integrated and unified telecoms solution.

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