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What is Unified Communications?

As the world continues to grow and change, so does the modern workplace. Suddenly there’s a constant demand for your business to work with all these different apps, websites, phone systems, instant message platforms… the list goes on and on. But you don’t have to drown yourself with an endless amount of disparate communication platforms. Installing a Unified Communications system very well may be the solution your business has been looking for – but what is unified communications? What could it offer your organisation? Let’s find out.

This blog is a beginner’s guide to Unified Communications, including how it works and the key benefits it may offer your company. If you’re ready to integrate your telecommunications, call Blackbox today.

What is Unified Communications?

As a modern business, it’s likely that you use several different communication platforms to conduct your work. Whether it’s phone calls, emails, video conferences, social media, SMS, or whatever else – juggling the various modes of communicating needed to run a business nowadays is bound to be exhausting. At its simplest, a unified communications system works to ease the burden of jumping between so many different forms of technology.

Unified Communications (UC) is a phone system that integrates all the different facets of your business’ necessary communication services. File sharing, voice/video calls, messaging, data collection, and team collaboration can all fall under one system, removing the need for any jumping between platforms or transferring of information. Everything your company uses on the daily can be seamlessly integrated into one key system. No matter the area or division in your business an employee works in, everyone can be connected through the same handy program

The Features of UC

The crux of Unified Communications is the full, seamless integration of all your telecommunications. Fully unifying your systems offers several different features that will massively improve the state of your workplace. This includes secure broadband and cloud services, business mobiles to keep your company connected, hosted telephony to keep your employees simultaneously connected, and comprehensive structural cabling.

Unified Telecoms

The ideal solution as we enter a new era is to support your business by enabling your team to connect from anywhere on any device, simultaneously.

Business Mobile

Mobile devices have become an extension of office environments, connecting remote staff with voice data and advanced technology, across any of the major networks.

Broadband Services

Blackbox provides a safe and secure environment combining hosting with cloud services. This gives businesses in the UK technical and commercial flexibility.

Why Invest in Unified Communications?

The biggest perk of UC is how astonishingly easy it can make every single aspect of your daily work life. With an endless list of platforms and sites built to cover different organisations and needs, your company will feel the ease of a streamlined interface immediately. Finding the perfect UC system ensures that your employees can seamlessly access everything they need to create, connect, and share all in one easy-to-navigate spot.

So, what will this achieve for your business?

  • Increased Efficiency: UC services save time. No more jumping between platforms, or transferring across data, or juggling different interfaces for your different teams. With how easy it is to navigate UC, productivity in your workplace will be more efficient than ever.
  • Better Performance: When employees are able to communicate and coordinate without hassle, you will see a considerable shift in your quality of work. Problems solved faster, seamless communication between different teams, and all data stored together – a stress-free UC can boost your employee’s standard of work considerably.
  • Minimised Costs: When you remove the need for a dozen different platforms and systems to communicate, you’re bound to save money. As your business moves to only support one key, cloud-based telecommunications system, you may experience a noticeable drop in annual costs.
  • Boosted Morale: Naturally, you want to make your work environment as positive for your team as possible. The right UC system can make the lives of everyone in your company a thousand times easier, making daily tasks far less complicated and keeping your staff united.
  • Succinct Customer Service: Customers will notice when your system is in order. The easier it is for your customer service representatives to manage phone calls, find data, and solve problems, the smoother the experience for all your customers.

Contact Blackbox Unified Communications

Unifying all your platforms of telecommunications is one of the greatest moves you can make for your company. And in the digital age having a seamless interface to navigate your business through is more important than ever.

Don’t waste another second juggling a dizzying number of services and sites – if you’re ready to take the next step for developing your company, our team at Blackbox is ready to help. Whatever issues you need to tackle or specifics your organisation needs, we can help build a UC system that best suits you. Get in contact today to start your journey to hassle-free communication.

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