When you have a business, you need to be contactable. And even with all the new technology coming out seemingly every day, mobile devices are still reigning supreme as the simplest way to contact a business. Whether it’s by phone call or a direct message, you want to make sure your customers can reach you.

But how can you get the best deal on a mobile phone? Doing your research will save you money— not only on the deal itself, but by getting the best phone or other device for your needs.

This blog discusses our top 3 tips for selecting the right mobile phone and the right deal for your business. For further advice on how we can enhance your business communications, contact our team at Blackbox UC today.


Tip #1: Contract Flexibility

Mobile devices are an extension of any office environment, enabling remote employees to connect with those at the office quickly and efficiently. And although connection is now more important than ever, the way we connect can change. This is especially true during a pandemic, where sometimes businesses need to change any given part of their operations at the drop of a hat. Having a flexible contract will ease some of that stress of the unknown.

Flexible contracts allow you to switch to new providers and change devices and hardware to suit your working environment. Easily adjust your international calling plan and get excellent rates on SIM only and PAYG contracts. Choose from a wide range of smartphones, standard phones, dongles, tablets, and more, knowing you’re not locked into a contract that no longer suits.

Tip #2: Look for Unlimited

Running out of data is a big fear in today’s world, and reasonably so. You don’t want to be midway through a business discussion or making a big deal when your phone plan reaches its limit, cutting you off and losing that sale. Unlimited plans make this a problem of the past. And to add to that, with Blackbox our unlimited plans don’t incur out-of-bundle charges, meaning unlimited really is limitless.

Enjoy the freedom of no data caps and not having to worry about getting a surprise extra bill. They always came at the least convenient times, but not anymore! An unlimited plan keeps things simple, allowing you to run your business smoothly.

Tip #3: Shared Data for More Telecoms Spend

Sharing is caring. Sharing data across the devices on your plan helps you to get the most out of your money, allowing everybody to pool their data to help one another out. When one employee is on holiday and doesn’t need their allocated data for a period of time, it makes sense to give their data to somebody else who can utilise it best. Plus, shared data also stops out-of-bundle charges in their tracks, giving you room to move.

When your data is shared across all the devices on your plan, you can pool your resources to make the most of every little megabyte. They’re more efficient and cost-effective than setting data allowances— even if they seem to cost more up-front, they save you time and money in the long run.

Spotlight on Mobile Technology: 1Voice

1Voice= one bill. Enabling 1Voice simplifies one more part of running your business, leaving you more time to focus on what’s most important. Enjoy the freedom of one single, detailed bill that encompasses all your mobile devices and fixed line services, eliminating the need to find and cross-reference multiple bills each month. Blackbox UC offers the best rates across multiple providers, so that you’ll have optimum coverage where you need it most.

Looking For a Great Mobile Deal?

If you’re looking for a great mobile deal, we hope these tips have been useful for you. At Blackbox UC, we help to keep your costs under control by matching you with the best data plan and devices, ensuring you stay connected when it matters most. To view our deals, contact our friendly and helpful team by clicking the button below.


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