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Why Your Business Needs Call Reporting Software

Call reporting software is important in any and every industry. You may see it as only necessary for call centres, and while it is vital there, that’s just the beginning. Any business with a phone line needs to ensure they can monitor missed calls, observe metrics, and utilise that data to improve customer service.

This blog will discuss the importance of call reporting software, what it entails, and who can benefit from it. For personalised advice, contact the Blackbox UC team today.

What is Call Reporting?

Call reporting is the recording of voice conversations via phone, advised to customers by a phrase like “your call may be monitored for monitoring and training purposes”.  And while this message is often associated with call centres or major organisations, businesses of all sizes can benefit from the technology. Call reporting offers numerous benefits, including improving customer service, monitoring metrics, and assisting in employee training. Ideal for supervisors managing call staff or businesses that want insight into the activity of their sales teams, call reporting can streamline processes and ultimately support business performance.

3 Reasons Why Call Reporting is Beneficial

  • Understanding Your Customer

Call reporting ensures every part of your business is optimised. By having an audio record of every ingoing and outgoing call made at your company, you have access to vital information. This includes an understanding of what services your clients require, how and when they need them, and what’s most important to them. With this comes improved customer service as you can adjust your business model to suit.

  • Employee Training and Quality Assurance

Call reporting is also essential for your present and future employees. With the ability to play back any call at any time, coaching can be implemented as soon as possible to ensure any errors are rectified immediately. For incoming employees, playing exemplar phone calls aids in training by demonstrating the optimal level of service they can expect to achieve.

  • Knowledge of Metrics

Just about any metric you can think of can be monitored by call reporting software. Call times are important to measure so that you can decrease calls waiting in the queue. This ensures your employees can take more calls, increasing your overall revenue.

Agent metrics are also vital to monitor and chart. Customisable to suit, you can monitor details such as each agent’s break times, shift adherence, and hold times. These allow you to gain a better understanding of each individual’s strengths and weaknesses.

Another important metric is call abandon reports. By finding out the times of day your calls go unanswered the most, you can adjust shifts to remove agents from slower time periods and transfer them to higher volume periods.

Who Benefits from Call Reporting?

Call reporting is beneficial to employers, employees, and customers alike.


Call reporting gives employers a fantastic overview of company data. This applies to both employees and customers. With call reporting, employers can identify employees requiring further assistance or coaching and implement it as soon as possible, mitigating any risks. They also given insight into customer needs so that if company focus needs to shift, employers can action this immediately to provide the best customer service.


Call reporting software records and tracks key performance indicators (KPIs). With knowledge of their own KPIs, employees can recognise which areas they excel in and which areas they can improve in. This leads to improved customer service and call quality.


Customers gain satisfaction knowing they are heard and appreciated. This ensures repeated business and customer loyalty and increases the likelihood of recommending your business to others. Happy customers also leave good reviews online, furthering their— and in turn, your– reach.

Get Call Reporting for Your Business

If you’ve been considering implementing call reporting software, we hope this article has been useful to you. At Blackbox UC, we provide the highest quality call reporting software to improve your customer service, employee performance, and overall profit. Whether your business is small or large, we have a wide selection of products to suit that will enhance your customers’ experience.

For further information, please contact our friendly and helpful team.

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